Thursday, April 9, 2020

Spread Joy, Not Germs

While you may not know this has been happening, mainly because I am a behind the scenes kind of person, I have a heart for helping others. One group that I dearly love to help is the senior citizens. I started stamping back in 1997, and my dear mentor, Sue Johnson, who would be celebrating her 78th birthday today, would take me to the Ken Ellis Senior Center to let me teach them. Fast forward 30 plus years and here we are. I am sharing a campaign that is close to my heart and combines my love for paper crafting.

This campaign is something all paper crafters can participate in locally, where ever you may be located. My team, the Barn Good Stampers, have been creating cards and donating them to the local nursing and assisted living homes in our area. Normally, once a month, I would be teaching at these facilities all my lovely senior Barn Queens. Here is a picture just a month ago, so hard to believe, of some of my ladies stamping with me. These are just a sprinkle of the ladies I get to teach every month, who are currently quarantined and missing our fun paper play dates.
Because we cannot be together this month, I had my team, make and donate cards, so that every week, our seniors, even those who might not normally come to class, get a card every week from the employees at the centers where they reside. What does Joy look like? Look above and look at the heart of my team and the donations of their talents and time to help me, help these seniors feel loved and missed while we socially distance. This is one of the reasons I love what I do.

Happy Birthday Sue! Love and Miss you every day.