Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Love and Gratitude

I have been blessed with some great customers in my time as a demonstrator. Along the way, I have managed to cultivate so many great relationships as a result of this business. These relationships extended to downline, sidelines, customers, other demonstrators and their families even the UPS folks. I don't take these relationships lightly. I try to answer every text, email and phone call immediately. I appreciate each person that takes the time to be a part of my stamping journey, in whatever way they come. Sometimes, you even have to be grateful for the bad apples. They help you appreciate the good ones.

I have had people ask me why I do this or that for my team. Why do I drive out of my way to drop something off to someone. There is no part of my business, where I am not thinking about what I can do better, or how I might better serve or reach someone that needs something. This business is a vehicle for service. It is my job, but it allows me to touch people's lives in ways that I might not ever have the opportunity otherwise.  Most of this I choose to do behind the scenes, because I am not a limelight person.

I realized today, as I received 20 emails from other demonstrators telling me about the Stampin' Up! sale that ends in a few hours, that for each customer that placed an order with me, that I am very blessed. Each order is representative of a life that I have touched and that has touched mine. I may be different than other demonstrators in what I offer or how I offer. My heart is mine and this business is an extension of my heart for people, for being a blessing to others. I appreciate each and every one of you that placed an extra order with me today. I realize it is a sale, but it is also a choice. Thanks for choosing me as your demonstrator. <3

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